Dear future husband,

Listen, don’t come near me if you are still dealing with issues from your past.

Lord knows I got enough issues of my own, I don’t need you, or anybody else for that matter, projecting another’s issues on me.

Dear future husband,

I don’t want pieces or remnants of you.

I want all of you,

I require all of you.

Imperfections included.



My love is too whole for me to be half-loved,

My love is too intentional to be loved hesitantly.

Dear future husband,

If the root of your hesitation stems from your past relationships,

Uproot it,


Because ain’t nobody got time for that.

Dear future husband

He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.

He is God.

He is all that you will ever need.

Dear future husband

I require that you are sure.

To be sure, you need confirmation from God.

So, dear future husband,

Don’t step to me if you haven’t gotten permission from my father.

Dear future husband,


Stop running around trying to find something that is not missing.

I know that the word of God says, “he who finds a wife”,

But something doesn’t have to be missing for it to be found.

But when you find it, you realize then, what you have been missing.

Dear future husband,

Give your heart a break, dude.

I’ll be the one that has to deal with all that past mess.

And I really don’t want to.

And I really won’t.

Dear future husband,

Don’t feel as if you must hide your true self,

Simply because you think you have an idea of who I am or what I want.

Be yourself.

Dear future husband,

I don’t complete you, can’t complete you, won’t complete you.

So, if you’re looking for someone to complete you

Be on your way please.

My First name is not a jigsaw, my last name is not puzzle.


Dear future husband,

I promise I’m funny.

Dear future husband,

I need you to be fully charged, well rested and well energized.

And I’m not talking about that bogus caffeinated energy either,

I’m talking about that “come to the river of life, you will find healing” type energy

You know, that John 4:13 energy.

Dear future husband,

Remember to always stay connected to your source of life, love, and energy, God.

Dear future husband,

Catch you on the flip side, shorty.

Ps, readers, if you read this, feel free to share yours! (If you like), (Email or comment below), I enjoy reading way more than I enjoy writing!

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