New beginning

I got baptized and while reveling in my new-found state of newness and freedom, a very uncomfortable thought crept in and I could not help but think about the past.

Even as I was now immediately detaching myself from the old me, I couldn’t help but think about the people that the “old me” had hurt in the wake of my destruction (I’m dramatic). I felt awful rejoicing in this new-found freedom I had received.

It’s so easy for us to try to separate ourselves from our mistakes and walk around with a new mindset and attitude. The problem is that we expect the memories of others to change also miraculously. But alas, it’s not that simple. They’re not yet acquainted with the new you, but the ways of the “old you” are still very fresh in their mind.

So even as you’ve let go of the past, others may not have. At the end of the day, you can’t unsay word and you can’t “unbreak” a vase.

You can’t undo the past.

You might have healed, but, for others, the wounds you created might still be fresh.

Keep in mind that some people don’t need closure from you before they heal because they get their closure from God, but still, a genuine apology never hurt anybody.

But what about the ones that we’ve hurt that don’t know who Jesus is? The ones that don’t have him to carry their burdens, heal their broken heart, ease their hurt and give them closure; the ones walking around dazed and wounded, with heavy burdens of pain heaped on their heart.

As you’re rejoicing in your freedom, pray hard for them. Pray that God heals them like he has healed you, pray that God frees them like he has freed you. Pray that God relieves them of their burdens! Pray that they forgive, not for you, but for themselves, pray that they let God in and let go of the baggage of pain and hurt that they’ve been carrying around. Pray that they are “mended and whole!” Pray that they experience the joy and freedom that you have found. They should rejoice just like you are rejoicing!

Being a new creation is not about ignoring your past and acting like it never happened. It’s about acknowledging that it did happen, taking responsibility for it, righting your wrongs, and choosing to never be that person again.

Ultimately, only God can seamlessly change you and fix your past.

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